We help your

organisation in two ways

At VIF Search, we specialize in two areas.

We provide you with training to streamline your recruitment process,

and work with you towards finding great candidates for your company.


At VIF Search, we developed a training framework that allows you to optimize your recruitment process and enhance your ability to find the right hire, over your competitors.

While finding highly qualified individuals is a great capability to have, it is only one component of our training. We engage ourselves to improve your abilities for the entire recruitment cycle.

As a result, not only are you in a position to make better hiring decisions, because of the wider choice of great candidates, but also cut down drastically on costs incurred by recruitment agencies.

The principles of recruitment stay the same across all industries. This means this training is suitable for you if you are interested in making better hires and reducing your recruitment costs.

Recruitment consulting

We work with you towards finding great candidates for your company. We specialize in the search of senior level individuals with over 15 years of work experience.

This means we cover vacancies ranging Senior Project Managers to Executive Directors, for Tier 1 engineering consultancies and contractors.

Because we are strategically based in London, U.K. we are able to reach the entire world during standard business hours. Nonetheless, our primary focuses are the United States and Africa.

Our two models of recruitment are contingent search and executive search.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods.

Executive search

Executive Search, also known as retained search, is a recruitment methodology that is best fit for executive level roles, whereby the recruitment consultancy is put on a retainer.


1. We will provide you with the best candidates on the market.

2. Possibility to assess suitable candidates’ personality and behavioral traits.

3. Significantly higher chances of hiring the best candidates on the market.


1. Process can be lengthier than contingent search.

2. Retained search means fees apply to start the search.

3. Only recommended for executive level roles.


Contingent Search means success-based. You can speak with all introduced candidates. It is only if you hire the candidate we present you that our introduction fees apply.


1. Can be used for all non-executive level vacancies.

2. Success-based means fees apply only if a hire is made.

3. Quick hire: we normally find a suitable candidate within 24 hours.


1. Unsuitable for executive-level vacancies.

2. Provides a very limited view of the market.

3. Resulting hire may not be the best available candidate in the market.

Recommendation: Contingent Search or Executive Search

Although both contingent and executive search are methods of recruitment that can be applied to all types of vacancies, the return on investment that results for your company may vary vastly.

At VIF Search, we firmly believe that people are your most valuable asset. Senior executives who are in key managerial positions will have a significantly higher impact on your operations.

Understanding what personality and behavioral traits are important to you, in addition to technical requirements, will allow us to provide you with candidates that have the highest chance of making a positive impact on your company.

Knowing this, our recommendation is to follow a contingent search model, for all non-executive level vacancies.

UNSURE OF which method IS best FOR you?